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Teaser trailer The Wicker Shield

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Last weekend Nijmegen, the oldest (Roman) city in the Netherlands, hosted the bi-annual Roman festival.One of the reenactment groups present was legio XXI Rapax from Poland. With almost 40 Roman legionaries and an impressive military camp it was the perfect location to shoot a short promotional teaser trailer for The Wicker Shield.

Fortunately the Polish group was willing to give a couple of hours of their time to participate in the film shoot.With three hours of filming we managed to film all the shots we had planned: The Roman legionaries are lined up, inspected by a centurion and then ordered to start drilling with wooden swords.

Wickershield teaser 2

While drilling they are being observed by our main character, a young recruit, played by actor Torsten Colijn. The recruit writes a letter on a wax tablet and witnesses the beating of one of his unfortunate comrades by the centurion.

All participants helped make the trailer on a voluntary basis, so many thanks go to:

Wickershield teaser 5

  • Romeinen.NU (organisation Roman Festival)
  • Legio XXI Rapax (reenactors)
  • Wim van Broekhoven (centurion)
  • Torsten Colijn (recruit)
  • Christiaan Cats (DOP / camera)
  • Olivier Nijs (sound)
  • Carla Stroyckens (makeup)
  • Luuk de Kok (camera assistant)
  • Marc Villevoye (runner)


Next week we will post a short video impression of the ‘Making of’ the teaser trailer.

The trailer itself will not be finished until August.