Welcome to Histoblocks, the specialised online stock footage database for historical filmclips, films, animations, photos and illustrations.

What we offer

1. Content

Histoblocks provides visual content of historically accurate reconstructions that can be used for a variety of educational purposes like additional footage for your

  • documentary,
  • museum exhibition,
  • interactive schoolbook

2. Service

Besides content we also provide extra services:

  • Advise: which clips might fit your needs? We offer any advise to help you create the best product possible.
  • Production: we can turn your selected clips into a complete product. Our services range from historical research, script writing, editing, visual effects, music, sound, voice over, titles, animations, interactive tools, etc etc.


What makes us unique is the offering of visual content from times in which film and photography did not yet exist.

We therefor use reconstructions, often provided by Living History groups. These groups of history enthusiasts spend much time doing research about life, clothing, equipment, cooking, warfare etc. etc. of their favourite period in history.

In addition we apply a strict quality check to make sure that everything we offer is historically accurate.

For whom?

Our regular customers are:

How to order

  1. You can search for clips using the search machine.
  2. Or you can contact us directly and specify your wishes. We will then offer you a selection of clips that we feel might fit your needs.
  3. Once the clips have been placed in the wishlist, we will contact you to inform you about the possible licences and prices.

Keep informed

Our database is constantly growing. If you can’t find the content you need today, we might be able to provide it next month.

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